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Huntleigh D920 Fetal Doppler with 2MgHz Probe

Huntleigh D920 Fetal Doppler with 2MgHz Probe
Item# D920
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Product Description

Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, the Huntleigh D920 Fetal Doppler with 2-Megahertz Probe features clear fetal heart sounds and an easy-to-read screen so you can enjoy listening to your baby's heartbeat from the comfort of your own home or elsewhere. Fetal dopplers give future moms the reassurance and peace of mind required for a happy, healthy pregnancy. The Huntleigh D920 allows you to hear baby's heartbeat as early as nine to 11 weeks.

Huntleigh fetal heart monitors are the most popular machines among physicians because they provide the most sensitivity. Static-reducing technology and a fixed 2-megahertz probe create direct ultrasound impulses sent by the transducer that travel deeper, enabling the fetal monitor to pick up the heartbeat earlier than 3-megahertz fetal monitors. Stork Radio lets you rent fetal heart monitors month to month for a low price, for up to six months.

  • Fixed 2-megahertz probe detects heartbeats as early as nine to 11 weeks
  • Waterproof probe with enhanced noise reduction for clear heart tones
  • Built-in shock resistance

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