Stork Radio rents and sells fetal heart monitors to expectant parents.

Owned and operated by a board certified OB/GYN
Stork Radio is owned and operated by Robert Sussman, M.D.,F.A.C.O.G. a Board Certified OB/GYN. I practice OB/GYN in Palm Beach County Florida. The online store is run by my sister, Zari Sussman, a computer engineer, and promoted by my brother. When my wife and I were having our first child, I was able to bring home a fetal doppler to use. At the time, the dopplers were very expensive and only available to hospitals and physicians. I immediately realized how much fun and reassuring it was to be able to listen to the baby whenever my wife and I wanted. This priviledge of listening to the baby at home was available to me, but not to my patients. Many times, at prenatal appointments, husbands race in from work just to listen to a few moments of their baby's heartbeat. In addition, grandparents and other relatives take time off from work so that they can come into the office to listen to the baby. I am always moved to see the bonding that takes place when they first hear the heartbeat. The bonding is instant and emotionally powerful.

Stork Radio was founded by Penny Morrison and was one of the first companies to offer dopplers for home use. Here is her story as to why she started Stork Radio. "When I was pregnant with my first daughter, hearing her heartbeat with the doctor's fetal heart monitor gave me great peace of mind—at least momentarily! I just really wanted to find a way to have my own fetal heart monitor and have that peace of mind more than once a month at the doctor's office!

My husband and I were both working in the healthcare industry at the time, so we were able to borrow a fetal heart monitor from a doctor friend. It was SO wonderful to be able to grab the fetal heart monitor and check in and hear my daughter's heartbeat whenever I wanted. The fetal heart monitor took away a great deal of anxiety, and was a lot of fun for my parents (even my husband's parents who could listen in over the phone and to the email recording we sent)—they were very excited to hear their granddaughter's heartbeat. We started talking to friends with children, asking if they would have liked access to a fetal heart monitor when they were pregnant, and the answer was a resounding YES!! Fetal heart monitors are quite expensive to buy, so we thought it would be a good idea to start a company where people could rent a fetal heart monitor month to month—enabling them to experience what we did. So that's how and why we started Stork Radio (fetal heart monitor). We have since had another daughter whose heartbeat I was able to listen to from about 9 weeks with our fetal heart monitor plus models. I loved hearing that sound just as much the second time around—I could never get tired of that pitter-patter!!

In February of 2005, we added again to our family: this time through adoption from Ethiopia. Our little boy was 8 months old when we went to get him in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is a wonderful, loving little boy and is a great addition to our family. We are happy to answer questions anyone might have about adopting from Ethiopia! The agency we used, AAI, can be found at . They not only help place children through adoption, but also support children still in Ethiopia who have lost their parents. There are programs to sponsor children monthly, to keep them with their extended families while allowing them to go to school (keeping them off the streets and enabling relatives to care for them, rather than have them be adopted). There are other programs to build a bigger orphanage to hold more children, while keeping them safe, healthy, and in school. There is a lot you can do to help for very little money!"

We are a family owned and operated company, which enables us to make customer service our top priority. You are not a number to us—you are a real person with a real baby and we are excited every time we hear how our fetal heart monitor has eased someone's mind or allowed them to bond with their unborn child. We keep the cards and emails you send because knowing we've made your pregnancy less stressful is the reason we got started in the first place, and we love to hear about it!

On-line payments are completely secure, using some of today's most advanced encryption technology. Stork Radio does not sell or share any of your information with anyone.

We loved using a fetal heart monitor and we hope you will too!!

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The Stork Radio Baby Heartbeat Monitor is shipped to your home or business and picked up from your front door when you decide to return it. Stork Radio provides a pre-printed shipping bill. There is no charge to return the baby heartbeat monitor to us — it is FREE. We ship your baby heartbeat monitor discreetly (without our company name on the package). See our shipping info page for specifics.